Family Judge threatens father with prison….for raising Child Protection concerns

The Family Courts here in the UK are meant to protect children, so what happens when the father of that child addresses the courts with potentially serious concerns with evidence……..Well if your before the courts in Walsall then you are threatened to be sent to prison!

That happened to me this week and now any confidence that I had with the Judicial system has now gone out of the window.  I am thinking of sending a very strongly worded letter/appeal, and if I do that no doubt my next blog will be wrote from some HMP in England.

So why have the courts taken such drastic measures?  Well if you are expecting me to answer that then I’m afraid I can’t.

Let me go into exactly what happened.

Around 2 weeks ago I received some messages from someone I don’t know that my child was potentially at risk.  These concerns ranged from the child been underweight, severe nappy rash right down to neglected.

I spoke to the Out of Hours Social Services department who then passed me onto the police.

I then spoke to the police who, after going into detail with the contents of these messages, stated that they would do a welfare check.

Everything was fine with the check however has the child has some involvement with a social worker, I thought I would check with that worker when they returned to work.

A few days later (because of the Bank Holiday) I spoke to this worker and everything mentioned in the messages I had received was true.  I wouldn’t have known any of these accusations made by an unknown person would be true as I have not even seen the child yet.  So very worrying when the Social Worker confirmed everything.

So I made an application to the courts.  After all I now had concerns over the safety of a child.  On top of this the child’s mother has a family member who is known as a ‘Person Posing Risk to Children’.

Mother currently has a Non Molestation Order so I can’t contact her, solicitor refuses to communicate with me (has actually admitted this in writing and in court) so what other alternative would I have?

Well according to the courts I was wrong to contact the police with my concerns, wrong to contact Social Services with my concerns and all this breeched the Non Molestation Order.  Do it again and you WILL go to prison!

With regards to the ‘Person Posing Risk to Children’, the judge said that she wasn’t granting an order as I had not provided any evidence.  Now lets see about that.  You have not 1 but 2 CAFCASS letters confirming this, you have my ex partner confirming this and yet you have no evidence?

Well I certainly will be raising these issues with the highest person possible as the judge said that Social Services don’t do their job.  Well her exact words were ‘Thats what Social Services do, pass you on to people’.  Yes they passed me onto the police and now your saying I’m wrong for contacting them!

So as far as I am concerned, the changes to the Family Courts have not made things better.  If anything the courts are now a DANGER to children.

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